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Eventbrite - Fix and Flip Real Estate Bus Tour

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New Jersey Bus Tour 2019

You'll Learn The 21 Principles For Success Checklist:

    1. Time
    2. Capital
    3. Credit
    4. Fix & Flip
    5. Fix & Hold
    6. Motivated Sellers
    7. Wrap Around Mortgages
    8. Short Sales
    9. How to Eval Fix & Flip Properties
    10. How to do a rehab step by step
    11. Identify repairs
    12. Estimating Costs
    13. Biggest Rehab Profits For Your Dollar
    14. “Perfect Flip Calculations” 60% LTV Purchase
    15. How to Structure Irresistible offers
    16. How to Remotely buy Property For Profit
    17. Good to invest in your backyard but great to invest in other markets
    18. Don’t work in personal name use a corporation
    19. Good to purchase cash flow properties already in place
    20. Protect your assets
    21. Learn How Good Credit Investors With Scores of 720 and above can get personal funding to buy real estate investments.
Eventbrite - Fix and Flip Real Estate Bus Tour

Romeo Sykes Real Estate Investor

Romeo has bought been part of buying a 72 million dollar portfolio of over 350 houses at the courthouse foreclosure auction.  

He brings a Dream Team To Help You Accomplish Your Financial Goals by getting all the Funding You Need with Personal and Business Lines of Credit to do your deals with hard money lenders.

Join our amazing fix and flip bus tour to learn how you can profit with fixing and flipping real estate leveraging good credit and cash working with hard money lenders.

Ed Nunez - Real Estate Agent

Ed is the perfect realtor for new and experienced real estate investors.  He understands the inner and outer workings of buying, fixing and selling.  He works with Joseph James Realty to bring you unparalleled levels of excellence and success.

Ed is ready to be part of your ultimate dream team to find, fix and help you flip the real estate deals for maximum profit.

Maimoon Mustafa - Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Attorney that is investor friendly because he is an
investor himself. He understands the clients needs because of being
able to go through everything from fixing a property from A to Z.

William Rivas - Hard Money Loans

We loan money for properties whose sole purpose will be “flipping”. It doesn’t matter whether or not the house is currently occupied.

A hard money loan is a type of loan that is issued to investors based on the “hard asset” or the property itself. While hard money lenders do take into consideration additional factors like the individual borrower’s credit, experience, and income, these are not as high a priority when determining the borrower’s eligibility and loan amount.

Hard money loans typically come with higher interest rates, sometimes anywhere between 8% and 15% and have shorter terms of around 12 months. This is a much quicker form of funding, with loans capable of being issued within days to weeks instead of months.

Sunnyside Title

Sunnyside Title has assembled an experienced team of examiners, escrow officers, and one attorney with over 30 years experience to help the real estate attorney and paralegal resolve title related problems efficiently and professionally. Moreover, you will experience a smoother transaction and have greater peace of mind when you work with Sunnyside Title. Day in and day out, we will earn your trust by consistently offering you exceptional service and the highest quality work.

Ed Gigure - Remodeling Network, LLC

We sit down with you and go over your wish list and budget. Based
on your budget, we organize a plan that can bring your project to
life. We then put in bids to several reputable, licensed contractors
that we have working relationships with which allow us to get you
the best possible price.

● We present you with the contractors’ bids.
● You choose the contractor you want to work with.
● We check in with you throughout the project until completion.

He has been part of 10 million dollars worth of renovations and can
be part of your dream team for getting work done in a timely
fashion to help you create the profits you need to be financially free.

Domingo Rodriguez

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful endeavor. Yet it doesn't have to be when you have a competent, reliable and accessible agent to guide you through the process. Utilizing my well-honed negotiating and people skills, he excels in helping his clients navigate through this sometimes difficult process. He will take the time to listen to your needs and dreams, and will work tirelessly to facilitate your goals without compromise. I am committed to treating every client as if they are my only client.

Eventbrite - Fix and Flip Real Estate Bus Tour